Some of your questions

What are my rights when I travel by ship?

Passenger has the right to:

  1. 1. To withdraw their transportation and get a return, always relevant to the time of practicing withdraw, full refund or a percentage of the price they paid, or change their tickets
  2. 2. Demand a financial compensation in a percentage over the total fare or other offset after the deal with the transporter for the cases of delay, cancelation of the trip, due to a damage of the ship, or even in cases where the shipping company cancels the route themselves. In addition, the same policy stands under specific circumstances, when the delay or the cancelation of the itinerary creates the need to night stop. In case the provision to overnight is not available, the passengers have the right to get financial compensation.
  3. 3. To get notified in case of itinerary cancelation or change, once the passengers have provided their personal information
  4. 4. To get informed about what the exact duration of the delay of the departure will be.
  5. 5. To travel with suitcases up to 50kg, so they don’t get charged with an extra fare.
  6. 6. To move forward to their destination with the same or the first available ferry or any other ferry, paid by the transporter, in case of a damage in the ferry they have first picked
  7. 7. For the formulation of any complaints, or charge against the transporting company, the passengers can address to the designated ship axiomatic. The passenger can address to the shipping company-shipping owner or other by law person and address their complaints written in the specific complaint form, according to law.
  8. 8. Differences, which were not solved or not answered, are addressed firstly to the designated, by law, surveillance services and complaint management, while then it gets addressed to the lawyer of the consumer.

What are my obligations when I travel by ship?

Passenger is obliged to:

  1. 1. Arrive to the departing point at least 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled departure time. In cases there is a vehicle, the passengers must bring the car at least 1 hour before the departure time.
  2. 2. Possess the specific seat, referred to the ticket, not to place their luggage or other personal things on the seats, so they deprive the seats of other passengers. In addition, it’s the passengers’ obligation to apply to the rules of the ship, along with the directions of the captain or the ferry’s staff, having to do with the quietness of the ship, the orderliness and security of the ship.
  3. 3. Not to carry flammable, explosive and in general dangerous materials with them.
  4. 4. Provide their exact ID information and communication, in order to get notified about cases such as cancelation, delay, or change to their itineraries.
  5. 5. The passengers cannot give their tickets to other passengers, so they travel instead of them.
What are the shipping company obligations to passengers?

  1. 1. Publicly announce their itineraries and inform the passengers on time.
  2. 2. Provide services without discrimination to the passengers and providing every security and health gauge. To the passengers with reduced mobility and to the passengers, who need special treatment, such as infants, children, pregnant women, and elder people, the company is obliged to provide every possible help and support.
  3. 3. To inform the passengers about a certain delay of the itinerary, that might occur, providing them the specific reason and the estimated time of the delay.
  4. 4. Provide information about the prices, offers and discounts.
  5. 5. To abide by the regular procedure of registration, solve/reply, when it comes to passengers’ complaints and charges.
Can anyone buy their tickets on board?

It is forbidden by law to every passenger to get on board without presenting the booked ticket to the staff while entering to the ferry.

Are there online tickets to get?

SeaSpeed ferries’ tickets can only be printed and the passenger has to present them during boarding.

Can I get on board by only by referring the ticket number or the booking reservation code?

The passengers are obliged to have the ticket as a whole to their hands when they arrive to the Ferry. Getting on board with just referring the reservation number or the ticket number, is not an option and boarding will get denied by the Ferry’s staff.

What happens if there is a mistake in my name or the car’s plate number?

The information check is not as strict as it is at the airports. If it is easily visible, that It was a mistake in labeling, made by the editor, the passengers will not face any problem getting on board. The checking is more strict, in cases where the passengers are entitled with a discount, in which case the identification is required.

Do I need to have an identification document with me, while getting on board?

According to Greek law, everyone is obliged to have an identification document with them. The Ferry’s staff might check the ship periodically. In cases, where the passengers are entitled with a discount, the identification is required and must be shown to the Ferry’s staff, if asked.

Passengers categories, according to age?

SeaSpeed ferries’ fares vary. There are several discounts, such as children discount (5-10 years), infant discount (0-4 years) and older people discount (above 60 years old). The discount for children is at 50%, the infants are travelling for free, while the older people have a discount of 20%.

Seat categories on the ship?

Olympus is a Ferry boat. Its passengers can travel in economy seat or cabin. While choosing the economy seat (DECK), the passengers can either stay on deck, or enter the Ferry’s central living room, during summer season, while during winter season, the passengers can only travel inside the Ferry, using only the common living room and the public places in it.

There are three specific cabin categories. The first one is Lux cabins. These cabins include double beds and window, while they can be used only by one person or two.

The other two categories are the internal cabins and external cabins. The use of these cabins can be either by a specific passenger (book the entire cabin for themselves) or they can pick a bed in male or female cabins, where they can share the cabin with others. The number of available passengers in the Ferry’s cabins is 1 bed cabins, 2 bed cabins, 3 bed cabins or 4 bed cabins. In the case where the passenger picks a bed in any of these cabins, the cabin will be shared with other passengers according to the type of cabin picked. Both internal and external cabins are on the same floor, while their only difference is the window, which is included only in the external cabin.

Is it better for me if I book a round trip?

SeaSpeed ferries provides a 20% discount to round trips for the line to Rethymno. For the itineraries to Mylos and Santorini, there is no discount on the round trip. However, by booking a round trip, the passenger can secure the availability for the wanted date for their return trips.

When is my credit card charged?

Your credit card is charged after you finish and confirm your online booking

Is there a specific time before the departure, I have to book my tickets?

Passengers can make a reservation, even in the same day they depart. In that case, the only obligation is to make sure that the departing time is suitable and the passenger can be at the port, before the departure. In any other case, the passengers should pick the option to get their tickets from the Shipping Company’s kiosk in front of the departure point.

How much time in advance, should I be at the port?

Every passenger should arrive to the port at least one hour before the departing time. In cases, where they have chosen to collect their tickets from the Shipping Company’s kiosk, the estimated time they should be in the port is 2 hours before the departure.

What should I do if I notice there is a mistake on the booking confirmation e-mail?

In case where the customer notices a mistake on the booking confirmation mail, please contact our offices in 2310-510-800 or via e-mail at:

What should I do if I don’t get a confirmation mail, after a successful transaction?

In case you don’t receive a booking confirmation mail, please check you “junk” mail. In case you don’t find any mail even in the “junk” mail, please contact our office in 2310-510-800 or contact us via mail at:

What should I do if I forget the reservation code number?

In that case please contact us via mail at: We can find your name in our system along with your reservation number.

What can I do if I get a message that the itinerary is not available?

In that case, the seat category you have chosen is not available any more. For example if you pick Air- type seats and you get that message, it means that there is no more availability for these seats. The same stands for the garage space for any type of vehicles.

What is the maximum number of passengers, that can be included in a reservation?

The maximum number of passengers in a single reservation is 8 people, while the amount of cars that can be enlisted is 4.

Do I get notified if my card was charged but the reservation was not completed?

In any case, where the card is charged, our customers are getting notified by our office collaborating bank (Eurobank)

How can I change or cancel my ticket?

The tickets, which are already printed, cannot be printed again. There is a different cancelation policy for high and low season. In any case, the tickets must be brought back to our offices, in order to make change on date, route, etc. or even cancel them.

Low season:

3 days before the departure: The tickets which are canceled are getting a full refund, or they can be changed to “open”

From 1 hour until 3 hours before the departure, the tickets can be changed to “OPEN”, while in the case of cancelation, the passengers get only 50% of the total fare as a refund.

Below 1 hour until the departure, the tickets can only be canceled, with a 50% refund.

In case the ship has already departed, the tickets can’t be changed or canceled.

High season: 07/06 – 30/09

10 days before the departing date, the tickets can be canceled with a 100% refund, but they can also get changed to “open”, so they can have a different date, different itinerary, etc.

From 10 days until 4 hours before the departure, the tickets can be changed in terms of date and itinerary, or they are changed to “open”, or either canceled with a 50% refund to the customer.

4 hours before the departure and up to the exact departing time, the tickets can be canceled with a 50% refund to the customer. However the tickets can’t be changed and they cannot be changed to “open” tickets.

After the departure of the ship, the tickets cannot be canceled, cannot be changed to “open” tickets, while the date of the itinerary cannot be changed as well. The tickets after the departing time are considered to be canceled by the shipping company and they cannot be changed.

In case of tickets cancelation, due to weather circumstances, then there is a full 100% refund without any charge to the passengers. Name changes to the tickets, is not an option, due to the trading policy of the company.

How can I get my money back, after I cancel my tickets?

Money can be returned to our customers either by cash at our offices, or through a bank transaction to any of the customer’s bank account. In a case, where the tickets have been paid by credit/debit card, the return of the fare, includes a 1% commission, the bank gets.

Can I advance my ticket to a better seat?

The tickets advance, after the tickets are issued, can be done in our offices or on the board by the Ferry’s staff.

What happens if I lose the tickets?

In a case where the passengers lose their tickets, these tickets cannot be printed again. The regular procedure is to issue new tickets, in order for them to get on board.

After the trip is completed, the passenger should inform the company about the trip they did, the fact that they lost their tickets, along with the new ticket number issued.

After 3 months, the passenger should contact the Shipping Company and if the company validates that the tickets did not become “open”, the passengers get a new ticket for free, for the same itinerary and the same seat.

How can I get my tickets?

There are 2 different ways the passengers can get their tickets, at the end of the booking process.

  • First option is to pick them from our central ticket office in Piraeus G4
  • Second option is to pick them from one of our cooperating agencies in Greece
I arrived at the port, right after the departure of the Ship. What can I do?

In that case, the passengers should contact our port agent, in the departure port.

  • Akti Miaouli 5, PC 18535, Piraeus