Fairytale beaches - Magical Landscapes!

It is said, that paradise is where your soul smiles. The meaning of the phrase is pictured completely in Mylos Island.

The island is known worldwide for two reasons. First, the island’s outstanding and beautiful beaches, created by its volcanic ashes and second, Aphrodite of Mylos, the masterpiece sculpture, found in Klima from a farmer, and nowadays its in Louvre Museum, in Paris.

Milos won’t let its visitors to get bored. They need to set aside the obvious beauties of the island and need to go seek the real treasures offered

These treasures can be found in the island’s museums, “Archeological Museum”, “Navy Museum”, but also the “Mining Museum”. The Island’s visitors can organize trips to the villages of the island and its settlements, starting from Plaka, the island’s capital. Another option for the visitors is to travel to the different ports of the island, such as “Adamantas” and “Pollonia” ports, along with the traditional settlements of Klima and Mantrakia, in order to see the unique two-floor houses of the islanders.

The number one reason, someone has to visit Mylos Island is because of its unique beaches. It is mandatory to begin from Sarakinikos, the beach with the lunar view, due to its volcanic rocks. Other beaches, worth visited, are the Tsigkrado beach, Kleftiko beach, but also Sykia beach. The island’s visitors can enjoy some relaxing and peaceful time, but also visit Achivadolimni, if they are extreme sea sports fans.

In general, Mylos is an island, which challenges its visitors with its beauties, making it impossible for them not to visit the island again.

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